Empowerment Center at King Center OPENS !!!

The Empowerment Center at King Center is located at
4314 South Cottage Grove Suite 104
Chicago, IL 60653

The Coalition for Justice and Respect (CJR) in collaboration with our program partners – The City of Chicago King Center, Cook County Provident Hospital and with the support of Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) are excited to work together on this project to bring awareness to African American Cisgendered and Transgendered people regarding the resources available to bring greater access to available resources in the community to provide them the opportunity to be empowered to stabilize their lives and make healthy life choices. We also direct those that are interested and qualify on how to become consumers of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).

To learn more about the project please fill out the contact info request below to reach out to Terrius TJ Gaines. He is the program primary administrative contact.

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CJR will work to advocate for the intervention and case management of victims of hate crimes and discrimination. Garner social service support to secure housing and stabilizing elements required to meet the needs of individuals in crisis. CJR will continue to educate the public on preventive health strategies.

Workforce Development Project (WDP) will focus on programs that build skills for workforce development and personal empowerment. We will help those eligible seek available scholarships for African American Same Gender Loving Black LGBTQ people seeking a higher level of education.

Eye to Eye Empowerment Session is a workshop for Black African-American Men to build esteem and combat stigma. The workshop facilitators engage participants to help them learn their status and take action.

PrEP Awareness and HIV Prevention This is a safe space for Black African-American SGL Men Cisgendered MSM to discuss concerns regarding PrEP and HIV as well as Meni Vac and Hep Cawareness and how to be healthy. We will sponsor a Mr. CJR,  Mz. CJR and Ms Lez contest. 

Town Square  An On-Line Blog, Web Site, and E-Mail list where people can dialogue on issues of concern. Through our civic responsibility efforts and other integrated community events.

Community Resource Development (CRD) CRD will provide opportunities for other African American Same Gender Loving Black LGBTQ Organizations with resources to stabilize and grow. CRD will provide the avenues for events that will provide collective and organizational needed support.

The Mall will provide resources to relieve the crisis of youth and young adult homelessness and needed wrap-around services with collaboration of pathways to education, career or trade and employment and public health initiatives toward a safe and healthy community. A safe space it will be beacon to understanding education and acknowledgment of value of all aspects of the community by combating stigma in cohesive environment that will enlighten and encourage civic engagement and social service.

Party of 8 – 12  Create networks to mentor long term Same Gender Loving Same Gender Couples to promote healthy relationships. We have Dating and Newlywed Game nights. We have social networks that to speak frankly about behavioral choices to decrease risky behavior.

Project Smart Sport is our outreach to public parks, gyms, area health clubs and sports leagues for the purpose of distributing condoms, lube and reference materials about healthy choices and public health awareness and prevention awareness messages. We also have fit and healthy targets. We will have a Basketball Team and Cheer Squid.  

Lift Every Voice  Develops a Mass Community Choir made of affirming and welcoming faith communities that will perform at an All City-Wide Reconciling Concert. The program is three-fold: First to show Black African-American Same Gender Loving Gay Men and Women supportive faith-based places in Black African-American communities. We will then develop a directory of safe places of worship.

Bolder than Out is the theme for the Coalition for Justice and Respect Annual Conference. Every April since 2007 CJR has supported or held an event based on social justice. We choose the first week in April as a Memorial to the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We stand in affirmation in response to the passage: "Let us slay him...and we shall see what will become of his dreams" The Dream lives.

This year the focus of the Identity Conference will be Empowering LGBTQ People of Color. The conference will feature life affirming and lifestyle enhancement workshops and speakers on topics and issues from civic engagement to relationship development and celebration of arts and culture. Our conference will empower, educate and celebrate the lives of African-American Same Gender Loving Black Gays and Lesbians

Finding Our Voice working with skilled professionals in broadcast communications to help establish programs that launch workshops for young people between the ages of 15-33 years teaching the skills necessary to produce both a television and radio show to target African-American communities to provide information on finding your status and safe sex.

Looking Pretty workshops of health, fitness and cosmology for looking and feeling pretty for African American Same Gender Loving Black LGBTQ style awareness.

Healing Basics Weekend Sexual Healing a Weekend of the Basics Pansexual - Trans - MSM - FROT FRIENDLY -  BI - Les Safe ZonePansexual - Trans - MSM - BI - Les Safe Zone.

Monthly FREE Legal Clinic

Seeing Ourselves support visual arts and public places that is affirming and supporting Black LGBTQ African American Black Same Gender Loving living.




Sunday January 31, 2016
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Carter G. Woodson Regional Library
9525 South Halsted – Chicago

The State of African American Same Gender Loving (SGL) Black LGBTQ Chicago Address is a position forum of the situations of its constituents and setting a path of empowerment.

The State Chicago Address will be a networking opportunity of like-minded civic and active LGBTQ SGL Black African American people of resources and accomplishment. Attendees will include allies that are Public Officials, Candidates and Elected Officials seeking our support.

The topics speakers will be addressing: Political, Faith, Direct Action – Report From The Streets, Economic Development - Working Mission, Equality Same Gender Marriage, Health Action, Fitness Matters, Open Floor, Next Steps – BTO. The Speakers will provide information and recommend action in the specific subject matters.

This event will bridge gaps in needs and resources as well as affirming and critiquing directions what has been accomplished. While evaluating outcomes and intentions.

This event will be streamed and simulcast on CANTV

For Information:
Email – marc.loveless@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CJREmpower/